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Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Daftest Question In The World

In my line of work, I am in and out of peoples houses  doing everything from bottom cleaning to skimming over carpets with a vacuum cleaner.  I have assisted them to shower, shave and, in some cases, even to take a dump.  I have escorted clients on shopping expeditions or to pub's for a pint.  I've taken them on visits to places of interest that, to me anyway, lost their interest during one of the many previous visits ... well, let's just say that I have to be prepared to do whatever it takes and whatever is needed.

I believe me, I have surprised myself on numerous occasions by doing just that.

Being constantly on a very tight schedule, I have be quick at each port of call. In ... do the biz ... out!

But usually ... just as I have to go; just as I have to dash to the next client; just as I realise how late I am for my next call ... that's when I utter the daftest question that someone in my profession can ever ask 

   Is there anything else I can do for you before I go?

And there always is!  There always is! 

So why is it that I can never say 'No' ?


  1. can't you just replace that question with a wish for a great week? or maybe a compliment like, "your hair is sure looking nice today. okay then, i'm out." maybe that would flatter & confuse long enough for you to get out.

  2. I agree with Sherillin, youre asking for trouble with that question...that said, I make the same mistake all the time always asking if I can help instead of saying goodbye and walking out..
    I guess not everyone could do your job, not everyone would have the empathy or the stomach for it and that caring attitude is what gets you into trouble..Good on you though!

  3. That would be because you are an empathetic and kind human.

    And yeah....I always get suckered in too.


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