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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I like words.

Big ones.  One's that people seldom hear or see.

The bigger and more difficult to say the word is, the better I like it.

But there is one word that I hate.

I despise it with every fibre of my body.

The word is "it".

I haven't always hated this word. In fact I only began to hate it a few days ago when I saw it written in the middle of a sentence of a note that I was reading.

For nearly a minute I blanked.  I could not for the life of me work out what "it" was supposed to mean.

To me, it just looked like a ridiculous combinations of letters.

I really do not like "it"!

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  1. Here in Australia we have taken bits and pieces from all over the world, our language came from Britain of course but we dont like being told what to do so we didnt take the part that says what bit goes where. Aussie spelling and especially Aussie punctuation drives people mad. I've had many emails complaining about my use of words and most especially... those cute little dots in the middle of a sentence.
    Frankly I dont care much, it's hard enough getting the words on paper without worrying about which bit goes where.
    IT..does not get used much in my writing (if I may call it that)


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