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Sunday, 2 October 2011


You may have read, or maybe someone read it to you, that we (the British) are basking in a mini-heatwave hitherto unknown at this time of year in this land of wind and rain (which, to be fair, ain't much but it's all we have).

As I sit here with the sun ticking my naked upper torso (almost the same shape it used to be), I type my usual drivel with but one thought in my mind;  what a wonderful morning!

Of course I had to be proved wrong by the neighbours!

Are they loud or what?

I think they're having a breakfast BBQ ... for dogs!

I can smell the charcoal; the burning burgers; the god-damn awful smell of spirits used to get the BBQ going.

And I can hear the non-stop yapping of their dogs, the competitive barks of their neighbours dogs and the distant replies of all the uninvited dogs throughout the village.

On the table next to me I have a mint flavoured hot chocolate and a chocolate biscuit (well, it's a biscuit in a puddle of melted chocolate).

All is well with my world (with the exception of the neighbours and their BBQ) at this moment.
It is (very nearly) a perfect moment.  

The only thing I need now to make my day complete would be something interesting to write about.


  1. I love the wind and rain! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.

  2. Barking dogs and barking mad neighbors are the same worldwide mate. Ive suffered both but just now and for the last few years Ive had great neighbors and quiet dogs all around...couldn't be better! Now watch some ass move in and stuff it all up!


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