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Monday, 10 October 2011

A New Week ... New Luck!

Here we go again!

A new week, for which I wish each and every one of you ... Good Luck & Good Health!

May your week be jolly and fun-filled and all your experiences positive.

And should anyone unexpectedly happen to become stinking rich ... don't forget that it was ME that wished you luck (for which there is a small charge [10% of windfall] should it come to fruition).

I have to go!

Bottoms to clean!  You know how it is.


  1. If I win a truckload of money you will see me...partly because of your fervent wish but mainly because my forefathers came from your neck of the woods and I'd love to see where they ran away from...
    Good luck to you as well mate..

  2. "... love to see where they ran away from ..."

    Don't ya mean 'kicked out of'?

  3. Only ten percent, cheap at half the price :-).

  4. 'Apparently' they sold their farm in Wales, got on a ship from Cornwall and came to Moonta in South Australia where they bought land to clear and make a new farm. There are still some of my mob on the land there...
    History is kinda sketchy at best and we will never really know..

  5. If I do suddenly strike it rich, you can bet your sweet ass my friend, you're first on the list to get a small fortune! I take the good luck and the good wishes wherever I can! Thanks for always being such a supportive blog friend and reader. I may not come by as often as I'd like, but when I see your comments on my blog, I always smile.


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