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Friday, 28 October 2011

Dilemma Averted

Last night ... as I was eating some chocolate ... Oh, the pain!

I somehow contrived to bend my right thumb backwards or something.  My God! It hurt!

The pain was severe and my whimpering brought my wife rushing to my side.

"What have you done?" she asked.

I told her.

"Do you want to strap it up?  Go to A&E? What?" she said.

I um'd and ah'd.

"Well?" she asked,her impatience growing. "What are you going to do?"

It was an easy choice in the end.

"I'll have to eat my chocolate using my left hand, won't I!"


  1. I'm sure everyone's wondering how you managed to do that just eating chocolate? (even your wife)...still and all, I guess thats why we have two hands..(I've always wondered)

  2. The practical one, aren't you?!

    Just looked at your home town on the link you sent me. Can you ever be crabby in such a beautiful area?! I have to admit that I had to pan out quite a ways to get my bearings -- any American being honest will tell you that our education spent very little time on geography. Which probably says something but we'll leave it alone for the moment.

    Your beaches look very much like Florida.

    Wales. Tom Jones. Richard Burton. Symdaddy.

    Now we need an audio clip of you talking. :-) The accent is fantastic. My accent? Everyone thinks I'm Canadian. :-)



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