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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Funny? Beg's For Enlightenment!

I have been accused of being funny!

My accuser ... an intelligent woman who regularly displays her higher than average IQ via her blog (which I will not mention here) ... no doubt meant her comment to cause no offence but, rather unusually, her declaration (for that is what it was) lacked a certain amount of clarity.

Did she mean to tell me that I have a sense of humour which tickles her fancy? That I amuse her?

Or perhaps ... and this is the worrying part ... she just finds me strange?

Now, I just know I'm going to fret about this all night, maybe even for the next day or two, so ...

What should I do?

Should I confront this woman and ask for clarification? After all it was she, was it not, that hung this quandary around my neck like a yoke without so much as a second thought for my prospects of a good nights sleep.


Forget it and lose my few remaining hairs to worry?

You see, sometimes, when such a remark is passed in close proximity, a good ding on the ear of the person that made the remark ... the remarker, if you will ... could prompt immediate enlightenment as to the correct meaning (and a small amount of pleasure could also be gained whilst delivering the blow).

However, on this occasion, the minx is not in my immediate vicinity. In fact she is sadly 3925.4 Miles away, give or take a mile or two.

Hmmmm!  Looks like I'll have to ignore it, then!

Damn! Don't you just hate it when you can't ding someone it in the ear! 


  1. What did Pearl say? (it WAS Pearl, wasn't it and not me?!) ;-)

  2. Yes. Tell your loyal followers what Pearl said.

    1. Actually she only said That I amused her, but what kind of post would that have been, eh?

  3. maybe she was calling you funny because you commented five times on one post. or cuz you were talking about your underwear.

    1. I have NEVER told her about my long-johns!

      Maybe I mentioned the rubber suit, I can't remember.

  4. Just do what I would do and decide the comment was a huge complement and just move on. Decide everyone loves your blog, everyone loves your posts, everyone loves your every word...in fact everyone just plain loves you! See, problems solved!
    Yanks are quite different from us Aussies and most probably from you Poms too. It's quite easy to get their meanings mixed up and confused..

    1. You seem to be implying that there are people out there that DON'T love my blog!!! I find that hard to believe!

    2. No, I'm implying everyone does love your blog mate...whats not to love!
      Pearls a trooper, if she says you're amusing then you're amusing...

    3. I have to agree ... Pearl know talent when she sees it!


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