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Friday, 20 April 2012

Hours And Hours And Hours

Over the next few days I will probably be AWOL!


Almost certainly ... probably.

Except for Sunday.

And most of Tuesday ... ish!

Might be back on Thursday.



  1. Do you know where you'll be? LOL!

    1. I do know ... but it's a secret!

  2. Fine, leave without us .. harrumph .. where did you say you were going ? Sym too ?

    1. You know I would take you (all) with me if I could! Sym will have to stay at home. He'll be devastated as I have never left him for more than a day. Our other two dogs (Clover & Sox) couldn't care if I was there or not ... as long as I don't take their food or beds with me, that is.

  3. Are you entering a witness protection program? So mysterious.

    1. Work, I'm afraid. My rota for this coming week keeps me very busy and within 5 miles of home, but doesn't leave me any time to actually pop in and say "Hello" to the wife!

      I start at 15.30 on Monday and won't be home until very late on Wednesday.


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