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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Brain dead

Sorry to have to break it to you folks, but it's official ... I have blanked!

Yes,  the blog-worlds favourite 'daddy' has officially 'hit the wall' and his imagination and creativity was unfortunately seriously damaged in the collision.

It was one hell of a smash and there weren't many bricks of that wall still in place after the dust had settled.

I suppose, if truth be told, the collision was my fault.  I wasn't looking where I was thinking and

I was, and still am, very tired.  To much driving, to much work and to little sleep. That's all it takes for your mind to go off at a tangent and leave all those unimportant 'other bits', such as arms and legs, to continue in an uncontrolled and erratic fashion ... as they did!

I wish I could be more like Pearl and have a mind that is completely uncluttered (hahahahaha): A mind, which during blogging, would be capable of separating one or two cells from my thought processes, thus allowing  a modicum of limbs control. 

I will now retire to my mental 'sick bed'.

Feel free to wish me a speedy recovery.

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