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Friday, 17 September 2010

First Aid Jitters

(This occurred today -17.9.10- at approximately 3.30pm)

That damned motorbike rider nearly gave me a heart attack!  Twice!!!

He roared past me on a narrow country lane as I was driving towards Cowbridge (South Wales) and nearly changed the colour of my underwear forever!

I didn't even see him in my mirrors.  He wasn't there! Then, accompanied by a vvvrrrrrooooooooommmmmm, he suddenly wasn't there again, only this time he wasn't there in front of me, if you get my drift! (Heart attack No.1)

Now, I am a good driver and I fear no road ... but I do fear the idiots that think they are immortal and can do anything they please.

As the motorbikes dust began to settle on the road before me, I knew I would probably see that rider again very soon.

I did too!

Classical Gas blared out of my car stereo's speakers and I tapped out the beat on the steering wheel as I rounded the last bend and began my descent into Cowbridge.  Two hundred yards ahead of me on the grass verge, lying on his side with his Kawasaki still stuck between his legs, was the 'biker' that had caused me only moments before to doubt, nay test, the quality and sturdiness of my underwear.

My adrenalin levels rose dramatically as I desperately tried to recall some of the first aid that I had learned.
I recall that beads of sweat popped out of my forehead as I pulled over behind the 'downed' biker with my hazard lights blinking.  I jumped from my car, raced towards him and fumbled for my phone in order to make that all important, and quite possibly life saving, call for an ambulance. (Heart attack No.1)

As my semi-panic was reaching it's high point, the biker pushed his visor up and shouted "It's OK!  Nothing happened. I'm all right."   He removed his helmet and as he righted his bike he explained ...

"I only stopped cos I needed a pee!  When I put my left foot on the ground I'd lost the feeling in it and I fell over taking my bike with me".

So I didn't have to use my first aid skills after all ... even if I had remembered them!

All that adrenalin wasted!!!

I could have killed that idiot!


  1. You're heart is in the right place!



  2. 'fraid you're wrong there Pearl. It was half way half way up my throat heading for my mouth (for a minute or two anyway).


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