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Monday, 20 September 2010

The Childish Side of an Oldie

I like to think I can string handfuls of words together into sentences and tell a tale as well, if not better, than most in the 'unpaid' ranks of the blogging community.  I would also hope that my writings, although infrequent compared to some, amuse people sufficiently for them to want to return for 'second' helpings.

It has never been my intention to do anything other than amuse.

I have however recently been accused of at times of writing somewhat silly or childish articles unsuitable for grown-up, intelligent people who, so 'those' who complain say, are looking for reading material of a more intellectual and stimulating nature.

I say to 'those' that tell me to 'grow up' and be more serious that I have fought long and hard, for the best part of fifty years in fact, for the right to be as childish as I please, when I please.

The 'those' to whom I refer is, in actual fact, a 'who' ... my wife!

She tends not to share my blatant childishness, unless of course it's something 'slap-in-the-face' funny, like someone walking into a glass door.

But, hey!

Who doesn't love a spot of Schadenfreude now and again?

So, in response to what I found to be a totally unfair and inaccurate accusation, I would like to ask you, my loyal and faithful public (all four of you), for your opinion.

Am I too much of a child at times? What direction do you think I should be going? Am I assuming too much thinking that ev'ryone out there HAS a sense of humour?

Be totally honest.

I can take it.

When you leave your comments (if you do) ... remember ...



  1. Your blog, your content. Write whatever you want.

  2. I haven't found you to be childish just yet, but remember THIS, my friend:

    I Am Watching You.

    Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa.



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