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Monday, 16 January 2012

Smart Phone

So I got one at the weekend.

I've been doing OK with my 'old' mobile phone, but the battery is beginning to fail and I was shocked, and very disappointed, to find out that the cost of a new one was in excess of £75.

So I ducked into the local phone shop and got a new one ... a smart one ... only to find that it's too damned smart for it's own good.

It has already made three phone calls without informing me and locked itself BEFORE I'd even thought up a pin code.

OK, I admit that a phone doing it's own thing can be a little bit inconvenient, but hey!  It looks damned cool!!!

And it can do anything!

Right now it's making coffee and muffins!

<SHOUTS> Don't forget to make my coffee strong!!!


<SHOUTS> Yes! Two sugar's, ta!


  1. You've started down the slippery slope....pretty soon you are going to become one of those that is addicted to the phone....kinda like me.


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