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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weight Gain

So I went to the doctor last week.

I was concerned about my alarming gain in weight.

Sh was also concerned, but to my mind not as concerned as she ought to be.

"We'll run a few tests and have an answer to your problem in no time" she said.  "We'll take some blood but, in the mean time, you can give me a pee sample in this bottle. But take it mid-steam, ok?"

"But the nearest stream is miles away" I said. "And it's cold!"

She gave me a slap!

A week later she called me back for the test results.

"Not good news, I'm afraid" she said after I'd sat down.

My mind raced through a list of all the deadly conditions and ailments that could mean my end.

A solemn expression came over her face.

"I'm afraid you have an over active ..."


"... knife and fork!"

She muttered something about time wasting, handed me a diet sheet and sent me on my way!

She just doesn't understand 'man' troubles!


  1. Damn those over active knives and forks...
    Pathetic that in this day and age modern medicine has nothing to offer...no pill or surgical intervention to prevent the rattling of knife against fork..

    1. Someone will invent the immediate weight loss pill just after I die!

  2. I will take knife & fork to some other ailments any day !!
    Personally, I don't understand man troubles either but I do hope your troubles drift away and you find yourself thin and frisky again.

    1. I may be a rotund-ian, but I am always 'frisky'!

  3. That stream line is great! Sounds like something I wish I had enough wherewithal to think of!
    But, I have enough trouble finding the definition of 'wherewithal.'

    1. Wherewithal is one of those words that I like to throw in now and again so that people can practice their Google skills.

  4. It is easier to change Doctors than to eat less!

    1. Doctors over here tend to be rather well paid and prone to paunches themselves, so they should be more sympathetic.

  5. change doctor ;] following and good luck !


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