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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'm A Luckless Motorist!

I hate my car.

I really, really hate my car!

Every time I get a little bit of money scraped together my car can be heard (by anyone that speaks fluent Car that is) screaming "Gimme dat cash!"

And it's happened again!

It's due a servicing ... fair enough!

All cars need to be kept in trim for the rigours of the highway.

But after booking a servicing slot the following happened;
  1. The cigarette lighter (to power may satnav, charge my phone) gave up the ghost.
  2. It began to miss-fire
  3. An oil slick appeared on the driveway where my car stood 
  4. My indicators (the indicator arm, not the lights) has decided not to work
  5. The ignition sporadically decides not to play
  6. The door seal on the rear passenger door has disintegrated
Now tell me ... is that fair?

There I was, expecting to have a bill for, oooooo, maybe £170 and then all that stuff goes wrong.

I am beginning to think that the world in general is out to get me!

Ok. Moving on.

I received an email of complaint from one of yesterday's late arrivals.

She seemed a little bit upset at missing the first part of the joke.

So, for all of those that couldn't be bothered to turn up on time for this, here's the first part of the joke again.

      There are two nuns in a bath.
    One said "Where's the soap?"

There you go.

Yes, I know it's an old one, but I am getting on a bit you know!


  1. I think my car has the same disease. :)

  2. The joys of motoring don't ya just love it :-).

  3. My car hates me. I just had to spend approximately $900 (that I don't have, mind you) on the damn thing. I can almost hear it laughing at me sometimes.


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