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Friday, 7 May 2010


Well, it's all done and dusted.  The election is over and only a few declarations are still to be made and it seems that a hung parliament is inevitable.
It seems clear to me that Gordon Brown has lost support throughout the country ... even in some areas of labours hardcore support ... and that Mr. Clegg's party seriously under performed, leaving David Cameron, albeit shakily, in the driving seat.
The question is ... what comes next?
In the worst case scenario, Gordon Brown will resign and hand over the leadership of the labour Party to someone else and calling for a new election.
Best case scenario is a Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition.
Whatever happens, the result could be devastating financially.  There has already been a run on the pound causing it to lose value ... not much so far, but if there isn't a quick solution to the hung parliament situation, it could get worse.
It's a 'wait and see' game now as the behind closed doors discussions get under way.
I voted Conservative in Cardiff North and we managed to rid ourselves (if only marginally - Con 17,860 votes, Lab 17,666 votes) of Julie Morgan.

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