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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Morning Dribble

I was up early again this morning.  It seems to me that I am the only one in this house that can crack a joke in the mornings.  Everyone else wakes up in that 'leave me alone' mode that could get your head snapped off if you dared to speak to them ... P.L.T. (Pre-Lunchtime Tension) I think it's called.

Being on my own in the mornings though is not necessarily a bad thing.  I have time to do this (blog) and have a bit of peace and quiet in which to let my mind wander without being distracted. An it does wander, believe me.  If I wrote down in this blog everything that crossed my mind, it would be pretty long winded and of little interest to anyone out there (assuming there is anyone who reads it).

This morning I am on the verge of throwing my laptop into the bin.  The backspace sticks, the space bar has to be whacked pretty hard to make a space and all the wrong keys keep getting under my fingers.  Blogging is very difficult under such conditions.

Yesterday was 'bad news' day for me.  For weeks I have been having an oil problem with my car ... it's losing oil somewhere, but no one knew from where.  The leek has now been found, but not before the cam shaft was buggered.  It's a very noisy car at the moment and it's going to cost me £500 or more for a new one.  But the good news is that I won the Lotto last night too!  So the repair is only going to cost me about £490!


Just had a short break with my pups in the park. We seemed to have been avoided by most of the other dog walkers today.  I suppose it's because three dogs are considered intimidating by some people. But it was good walk all the same.

I have to go and earn some pennies so I will leave you with on last thought ...

                   yyyy u r, yyyyy u b, i c u r y+y 4      ?

                                   ( wise you are, wise you be, I see you are too wise for me )


  1. Pfffffttttttsss. Your the biggest grump in the morning!


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