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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Million to one chance

Unfortunately I did not win the Euro Millions yesterday.

This is probably a non-event that I share with most of you, so no doubt it comes as no surprise.

When you think that it's 76,275,360 to 1 against anyone actually winning the top prize, it's a wonder any of us do it at all.  There is, of course, that old lotto chestnut that everyone (much to my annoyance) spouts after yet another failure to win ...

          You've got to be in it to win it!

... which drags us back, time after time, to the shop to buy our tickets.

During our life span it is highly likely that we will all miss out on some fantastic holiday of a life time or that sports car you always wanted, or ....,  or ....  The list is endless I s'pose.

For example ... if you play 4 lines at £2 for a period of 25 years it will cost you £10400.

Adds up, doesn't it!

According to (the great)* Terry Pratchett, a million to to one shot comes off nine out of ten times.  So using his logic, we can all shorten the odds against winning the Euro Millions to around about 8.4 million to 1.

I hope that cheers all you wannabe-millionaires up.

* you don't have to read that bit if you disagree.

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