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Monday, 3 May 2010

Wednesday 28.4.10 ... Kamikaze attack in Hailey Park

It was warm.  It was Sunny.
There was no breeze to speak of and all seemed well with the world.
I was walking the dogs around the park as usual ... throwing a ball  for Sym, encouraging Clover to keep  up and calling to Sox in order to stop her running back home.

It was an absolutely perfect day and for an hour or more we enjoyed the sunshine and quiet (very few people out that day) of the park.

It was as we were about to cross the rugby field, by the changing rooms, when the incident happened.

I had just thrown the ball for Sym and he'd charged after it in his usual, bullish manner; Sox was halfway across the field looking at me just in case I changed direction; Clover was at my heels.

As I waited for Sym to bring his ball back and exchange it for a piece of cheese when I noticed what appeared to be swarm of light coloured flies coming towards me. The little buggers were flying fast and before I knew it, the swine started pinging off my glasses and face.  It all happened in just a few seconds ... then they were gone.  But not ALL of them had made it past me ... my glasses were covered in dead flies, as was my face!
I counted at least five dead flies squished on the lenses of my spec's and when I got back to the car and looked in the mirror there were at least another six or more flattened on my forehead and cheeks.

I've had many a dead fly on the windscreen of my car after a fast drive, but I've never suffered such an 'attack' whilst standing still.

It was disgusting!  All those bugs using my face as a means of killing themselves.

It reminded me of that old joke;-

What's the last thing  to go through a fly's mind when it hits the windscreen?

It's arse!


  1. You're pulling a fast one this time George - flies don't fly into humans :)Admit it you walked into the swarm so you could write this tale lol

  2. All true. I was viciously attacked and left covered in dead attackers!


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