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Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Good Night Out

Oh my Lord what a night I had.
It started off good but it soon turned bad.
I spend all my cash on curry and beer.
and somewhere I got a ring through my ear.
In the Kings Head I drank whiskey and wine.
And in the Dog's Bollocks I was still feeling fine.
In The Red Lion I drank a yard of ale
on leaving people said I was looking pale.
Down the road in the Queen Vic
I got thrown out for being violently sick.
After that it wasn't a breeze
as I ended up crawling on hands and knees.
What happened next I really couldn't say,
but somehow I got home cos I'm here today.
My head hurts now and I can't find my phone
but I woke up in bed beside a traffic cone.
A pretty normal Friday night binge
nothing too embarrassing to make me cringe.
But one thing does make me feel very silly
the Geronimo tattoo that I found on my willie!

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