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Saturday, 1 May 2010

My voting dilemma (part 2)

Well, I watched the last big debate and it was not Gordon Browns day, was it!
The other two put him well into third place.

However, it wasn't the political gas that made me decide that Brown wouldn't get my vote (although it did help).
What 'did' for him in my estimation was the constant head shaking and that horrible nervous grin ... not to mention the sickly little laugh ... that he would use when one of the others was talking sense.

He won't be getting my vote!

Oh! By the way ... Rhodri Morgan was at my doorstep yesterday asking if we would be supporting the labour party.  Unfortunately Julie got there first and said "I haven't decided yet" and he went away.  If it had been me, I would have said I would never vote for someone who tries to piss on my leg (it's a long story) and shut the door in his face,  but alas,I never had the opportunity.

So ... Cameron or the other bloke?  That is the question!

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