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Thursday, 17 June 2010

The costs of having a dog

Averages based on a healthy dog living for 12 years. 

In putting together this little list I have taken a cross section of costs and factors from various sources.
My list is based on the average family dog (Border Collies, Labrador's, etc.) and does not take into account the ankle-biting or horse impersonating breeds. It also does not include boarding or kennel fee's, which after all, are for your benefit and not the dog's.  Extra's, such as coats and harnesses, grooming or grooming equipment, etc., are not included.

                      Monthly Yearly  Lifetime
Purchase       £0-£1000
Food                                  £35.00         £420.00      £5,040.00
Insurance(1)                      £22.00         £264.00      £3,168.00
Leads(2)                           £15.00            ---                 £60.00
bedding(3)                         £60.00         £120.00         £120.00
Vet Bills(4)                         £75.00            ---               £900.00
Toys(5)                             £20.00            ---                £240.00
Treats                                  £5.00          £60.00         £720.00
                                                                      Total £10,248.00 
                                     (plus purchase price which may vary greatly)

1 Insureance based on the price of a non-pedigree dog.
2 Collar/Leads based on four sets over a lifetime.
3 Beds/Bedding based on two beds with bedding (not including new coverings) over a lifetime.
4 Vet Bills based on innoculations only (does not include injury or flea/mite treatments).
5 This assumes that the dog does not tear it's toys to pieces.

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