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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not my day!

Well, it started well enough I have to say.

It started with a run up to Barry to pick up a client and take him into Cardiff to his place of work.  We had a coffee in Cafe 1 in Albany Rd.,then I dropped him off at the shop he works in and left.

As I walked around the corner and up the side street in which I'd parked the car I could hear seagulls shrieking above me; on the pavement in front of me was the devastation left by the gulls ripping to bits the rubbish bags and scattering the contents.

It was actually as I negotiated the debris that the little b******s started, still shrieking, to swoop low over the cars and empty their bowels!

For the first time in my life (and I was born in a seaside town many years ago) I was targeted, and indeed hit, in a deliberate seagull attack!  Smack on the forehead!!!  Seagull poo is slimy and stinky!!!

Don't laugh ya bug'rs!

Now if that wasn't bad enough (it was bad, believe me!) then what was to come was even worse ... and will be costly!

My car started to misfire and began to make a lot of put-put noises.
"Ok" I thought to myself, not knowing much about cars. "Clean up the plugs when I get home n it'll be find".  I managed a further mile, maybe two, before the engine warning light started to flash like crazy.
The clear and simple message in my car's handbook was ... get to the workshop as soon as possible.

So that is where I managed to limp my car to.

After about a 30-40 minute wait there was some good news and some bad news for me.

First the good

  • They changed the plugs for me on warantee
Now the bad
  • There  may be some damage to the catalytic converter and a an oil leek in a very difficult place to access.
My car (the poor little thing) is sitting on the driveway shaking in it's tyre's 'cos it he has to go back to the "doctor" tomorrow for a more thorough check-up. 

When I asked what the estimated cost of all this would be (Catalytic converter, stripping the engine looking for an oil leek), the answer was a pursing of the lips, a puffing of the cheeks, a look down the nose and a very long drawn out "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuffff!  It'll cost a pretty big wad will that!"

Totally deflated and thoroughly miserable, I drove home, hoping that when they do the pricing properly tomorrow that I won't have to sell the kid's into slavery in order to pay for the work.

And my bloody lotto numbers still haven't come up!!!

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