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Friday, 7 January 2011

Just Another Of The Joys Of Being A Doggy 'Daddy'

Zak, a cat who thinks we are at this beck and call, arrived home this morning and headed without fuss or purr straight upstairs to his favourite spot on Gabriele's (step daughter) bed.

Just a few minutes ago, after something like a seven hour 'nap' and a feed, he left the building in order to patrol 'his' neighbourhood.

As he strutted - he owns this place remember - out through the open doorway, I could feel a burning sensation on the back of my neck.

I turned to see our three dogs sitting line-abreast staring daggers at me.  The look in their eyes quite clearly said "How come he can go out on his own and we can't"?

I have since been snubbed by Sym, Sox and Clover in turn and my attempts to realign their out of joint noses has been so far unsuccessful.  

In an hour or two though, our relationship will be back on an even keel when I present them with their evening meal followed by their treat.

After their meal, they will as always sit in front of us and wait, tails thumping the floor, for the magic word.  That word is ...


All three of them will begin the 'Tigger' routine of bouncing their way into the kitchen.

They will all sit (two of them always in their beds) and await the treat.

A Denta-chew each.

Then they'll all love me again and begin competing for the prime evening spot ...

... lying on top of 'daddy' on the sofa.

Just another one of the joys of being a doggy 'daddy'!


  1. dogs are so easy to win back. makes them great companions. =)

  2. They're easily bluffed with a feed and a tickle on the belly and all is well.

  3. "without fuss or purr"

    That tickles me. :-)


  4. The words we use for Pickles when we give her her Dentastix is 'Toothie-chew'!


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