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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What A Combination!



It's a real pain in the arse being me sometimes!

Normally my medication would have kicked in long ago and I would have drifted off to sleep in the normal way; snuggled up under a thick, winter duvet.

But not this time!

I lay awake from 11.30pm until frustration got the better of me and I had to get up.  It was 1.45am.

I've  read all the bogs I didn't have time for yesterday and posted one or two comments.  I read, then re-read my emails, but couldn't bring myself to answer more than one of them before I started to get frustrated again.

I haven't suffered from insomnia for such a long time, but tonight, it's back with a vengeance aided and abetted by legs that think they are capable of doing a can-can without asking permission first.

The dogs are unaccustomed to having me around at this time and are looking worried. Sym in particular seems very concerned for his'daddy'. He is sitting at my feet right now, head resting on my knee, and hasn't taken his eyes off me for over an hour.

Clover is sleeping ... when is she not? ... but doesn't seem able to settle and keeps waking up to give me a quick look before pirouetting back down onto her mat.

Sox is dozing on one of the other dog mats, occasionally she'll raise her head to see if I'm still there.

It's somehow nice to know that they care.

In a few hours I have to go to work.  I really should be tired.

Ah, well!  There is always a possibility I will be able to take a nap in my lunch break tomorrow ... er, later today.


  1. insomnia is the pits. i hope you sleep better tonight!

  2. I know what insomnia's like especially after i worked night shift for three months straight, it's not a pleasant feeling at all.

  3. Just got back from work (my call was cancelled and no one thought to tell me).

    Thought about going to bed, but I'm still feeling a little bit wired and attached to the mains.

    I'm on a caffeine induced roller coaster ride at the moment.

  4. I know what your talking about. I have RLS to. Its a nightmare! And the insomnia is the worst. At least you had your furry friends to keep you company. I usually just have a snoring Husband.

  5. Have you tried melatonin? It totally works for me.

  6. dbs: Over the years I've tried most things. Melatonin too. I did have something some years ago that worked well, but can't remember what it was called.

    Alittledprite: My RLS has been very quiet lately so it's sudden re-emergence caught me in the hop. Took my meds a little bit on the late side. They did kick in at about the 5.30 am mark, so I had just under two hours sleep (doze) before I had to get up.


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