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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ambitious Author Seeks Plot

I once harboured thoughts about writing a book.

Don't laugh, I mean it!

As a younger man (I'm not really as old as you might think I am), I sat down many times in front of my PC with only one goal ... to write a book!

Not just any book!

It was meant to be a great book that would sell millions of copies and one day appear as a Hollywood blockbuster or a mini-series on TV.

I still have aspirations in that direction but, unfortunately, I am now of an age whereby I recognise my limitations and I have now come to terms with the fact that my ambitions far outweigh my talents.

Oh, yes!  I can rattle off a few lines now and again, sometimes even managing to inject a modicum of humour into them, for my blog ... but a real book?

I know my boundaries!  I've crashed into them often enough.

I suppose we (bloggers) are all, in some way, frustrated, wannabe authors ...  maybe that is why we blog!  Maybe we are, in a sense, all living out our dreams on a small scale by being 'after work' bloggers!

Who knows?

I believe that I mentioned this once before ... correct me if I'm wrong ... but there is certain thrill to having people read your words; laughing at your humour, crying at your pain, sharing your disgust or sympathising with your woes.

Even if you start writing your blog, as I did, for yourself as a form of expression or release, you still get that tingle when someone has left a comment about your article, when your visitor counter starts to go higher and higher and when the number of hits your blog has received reaching for the heavens.

That is how blog-junkies are born!

Oh!  I think I've just admitted to an addiction!

Another one!

Did I ever mention that I lurrrrrrrv chocolate?

Anyway, I wouldn't like to leave you feeling deprived of a good giggle, so ......

Question: What's the difference between a golf ball and a G spot?

Answer: Men will actually spend time looking for a golf ball.


  1. I loved the little joke at the end. I understand your addiction because I am addicted too! Chocolate is really delicious and well I have aspirations to write a book too. I am currently writing out one right now, well not right now right now but I have six chapters so far and that's a start. In a way yes we bloggers are all wanna be writers but if you do believe in yourself just a tinsy bit I find that you can cross over into that author realm. :)

  2. Yummmmmy chocolate very delicious, no aspirations to write a book i only started my blog as a challenge in my retirement to keep those little grey cells between my ears ticking over. I giggled at the joke well done :-).

  3. i didn't realize that blogging could become a lifestyle. but a wee bit of attention and some great comments & now the computer pulls me in until my ass has gone flat from sitting in this chair, staring at the screen for too many hours a day as i flit from blog to blog & comment box to comment box. hm... that kinda sounds like i'm admitting to being a blog slut.


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