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Monday, 31 January 2011

Memory Problems II

I am forgetful!

But then again, maybe I'm not .

Because if I've forgotten something and then forget that I've forgotten it, then obviously, it's like that first 'forget' never happened.

Q. E. D!

You know about the tree falling in the forest?  The one that falls when no one is around and you wonder if it still makes a noise?  It's like that!

Did I really forget if I've forgotten I forgot?

I worked that one out myself.  No psychological training whatsoever.

But there is a part of forgetting things which is really annoying ... and if I remember it, I'll be sure to let you know!

Then there is always someone who comes up to you and says "What have you forgotten?"

I hate that question.  It  leads to blank looks followed by a series of clues intended to ignite the spark of recollection but, in fact, leads to frustration and sometimes violence.

I've forgotten, for God's sake, so why ask the question when they KNOW I don't remember?

So anyway, there was a reason why I ... erm ....

What was it now?

I was going to ........ was I?



  1. Er!, What was the question again, i forgot. I would think a lot of people are in the same boat.

  2. what were we just talking about? and why am i in here again?

  3. LOL! If you've forgotten that you forgot then it all evens out. And people shouldn't remind you that you forgot - it's rude!


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