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Friday, 14 January 2011

An Old Dog's Plea

So tired, 
so weak.
Could you please help me find,
the peace I seek?
But bide with me,
til my time is done.
And be glad for me,
for soon I will run.
Into the light,
towards green fields.
Where I can be free ,
when this body yields.
But cry no tears,
feel no sadness.
For I will be released,
from this earthly madness.


  1. Very sweet.


    p.s. There is an American TV show on cable called World's Dumbest Criminals, and Robert Roxbury of Cardiff, Wales was just on. I thought of you, for some reason. Not that I suspect that you get drunk, walk downtown in your underwear with a shovel, smashing store front windows. :-) You're just the only one I know in Cardiff.

    Stay away from that guy. He had 217 prior arrests for robbery. :-) Happy Friday night!

  2. Very enjoyable but it sounds like you need a holiday from all the madness around you.

  3. Pearl: Robert Roxbury must be from Cardiff's Ely district.

    Windsmoke: I def'nitely need a rest now after my 72 hour week


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