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Friday, 23 April 2010

Pet Hates

Traffic was very bad today.  Yesterday, there was hardly a car on the road by comparison.
Stuck in one queue of cars after another, I started thinking about pet hates ... one of them is heavy traffic ... and I came up with the following things that really get up my nose.

In no particular order of 'hate' level, here they are ....

Number one is that solid gold favourite of most teenagers that land in trouble with the law ...

    I was/We were bored cos I/we had nothing to do and nowhere to go!

I mean, that statement wears thin after a while, especially as (most) kids today have more than ever before.

Number two is the minority of people who fight for rights of those convicted of crimes and find themselves detained for a few (or more) years at one of Her Majesties many custodial establishments.  For some reason their 'rights' include TV's, radios, laptops, gym access, and God knows what else.  How many of these 'do-gooders' run to a victim of crime and offer THEM support? I believe that all  prisoners should be guaranteed their basis human rights during their sentence, but the key word there was basic, not extravagant.  They are meant to be punish with incarceration for their crimes, not rewarded.

Number three are those people who get so emotionally involved in something (charities, politics, sports,etc..)  that they break down in tears when someone dares take a different stand on the subject or when they are confronted with evidence that disproves what they believe.  Note: It's not the people that I hate, it's their reactions.

Number four is the fact that every generation thinks that they are starting the teenage revolution and that they, and their friends, are unique in doing what they are doing, going where they go and liking the things they like.  Their basic assumption is that older folks have no idea what being a teenager is all about and seem to disbelieve that anyone in their 30's, or older, could ever have been young.

Number five is dog owners that let their dogs dump anywhere they please without picking it up and binning it.

There are loads more, but I reckon I've bored you enough for one day.

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