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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trouble maker

(Originally Posted on March 27, 2010 and caused quite a stir)

The texts in red are 'my' words, the text in blue come from the organisation quoted. The green text are explanations explaning WHY I wrote what I did.

If you do not like people having different opinions to yourself, DO NOT READ ON (you know who I mean)

Please note, as others previously have not, that this article seeks neither to advocate or denounce the methods of Cesar Millan.  Neither does it intend to question the findings or views of any animal welfare or rescue organization.  This article reflects MY views and MY opinions based on viewing the evidence posted on the internet relating to the two cases quoted below.


This article is meant to be thought provoking and is not in any way an attack on anyone using, or posting, on this [deleted word].

This article is also not intended to reflect ANY of the policies of [deleted words] and is DOES NOT reflect the views of any of the Trustee's, [deleted word] or sponsors.

The following is an extract from 'KC DOG BLOG; Unofficial Watchdog on Animal Welfare Issues' website.

It doesn't take much digging to find articles criticizing Millan's training techniques and calling animal cruelty. The Anti-Cesar Millan facebook group has nearly 3,000 members -- some of who are regular readers of this blog or that I know personally.

And while I understand their criticisms of Millan, I never cease to be amazed at the all-or-nothing attitude that seems to exist in this country where we feel like we have to take polarized views on someone we don't agree with 100%. In reality, Millan has done a lot more good than harm in the animal welfare movement....and even if he's not perfect (who is?!), many animals are in a lot better place now because of him.

...  (Toelner)

The reason I am posting this is because I have been doing a little research into the pro’s and con's of Cesar Millan's methods.

I have sat and watched many extracts Cesar's shows, most of which were posted by the anti-Cesar fraternity,  claiming such things as strangulation and kicking, to name just a few alleged cruel practices.

I must admit that I am not interested in responses to this post; I have my own opinion on Cesar's methods.

However, whereas many of his methods may be dubious, none of those I have seen on the internet and on T.V. claiming to be evidence of his cruelty was, in fact, anything more than people over reacting to something they THOUGHT was cruel. 

The 'strangulation' claim of a wolf X was, in my opinion, a little rough on the eye, but the dog was not, as was claimed, strangled to the point of collapse.

[The film showed Cesar doing what I have seen lots of people doing to avoid being bitten by an aggressive dog. There was no way to tell if it was a deliberate attempt at strangulation or not.]

It was also suggested that Cesar 'brutally kicked' dogs in several clips.  Again, over exaggeration was in play on the part of the people who posted the clips, and the dogs simply got 'taps' with the heel.  I do not advocate kicking ANY animal, but it certainly wasn't brutality. 

[This clip claimed brutality, but in my view there was none and the 'kick' was little more than a tap. Dog owners who yank their dogs lead would probably cause more distress to their dog.]

Another clip was of a border collie that was very aggressive.  On this occasion, Cesar may have over played the 'dominance' card and was a little rough and may even have caused a small amount of stress to the animal.  The result, however, was a dog that could be worked with and would not end up being put to sleep for biting someone.  
(The 'blog' accompanying this clip, failed to mention that the owners had had the dog locked in a garage for ten months due to its aggressive behaviour before Cesar turned up).

Over the past couple of years, I have heard several people say such things as "Don't talk to me about that man!" or "That man is an idiot" and they have often quoted things that he has allegedly done (without providing proof or irrefutable evidence).  
The evidence that I have seen, does not seem to support those claims, but then I haven't dug as deep as some people may have done.  

One question does arise though; why has Cesar never been prosecuted for any of these alleged acts? 

I am not fighting Cesar Millan's corner and there are a lot of things that he does that I wouldn't, but as the article above states "many animals are in a lot better place now because of him".

****                         My apologies if I do not share your views and opinions.                ****
****                                     I prefer to find things out for my self.                                 ****

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