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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Volcanic Milk

(Originally posted on January 28, 2010)

When there is a possibility of something going wrong, it probably will.

I don't mean those risky things that you might do once in a blue moon, I mean those every day things that you do without thinking and where disaster is never contemplated, let alone experienced.

For instance, how difficult can it be to put a bottle of milk back into the fridge?

What are the odds that said bottle of milk will 'slip' though your fingers, bounce off your knee and land in the dog's water bowl?

Quite high I reckon ... so high in fact that I reckon a £50 bet would have let me retire to see out my days in a pretty confortable manner.

Well, I didn't expect it and I didn't make the bet, but it happened anyway.

To cap it all, I hadn't put the screw top on properly and when the bottle landed bottom down in the water bowl, not only was there a fountain af water, but there was also a volcano-like erruption of milk.

I won't bother to describe the clean-up operation ... needless to say the kitchen roll took a hammering and I am now down half a bottle of milk.

What really get's up my nose at the moment though is that I can't think of a word that 'properly' rhymes with pizza!

As if life wasn't hard enough already!!!

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