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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Oh, I Really Am Trying To Enjoying The Festive Season ...

... but I need a drink!

I always need a drink on a Sunday!  

The very thought of another working week about to start makes me want to have several drinks ... one at a time or all together ... I don't mind!

It's the driving, you see.  It's depressing!

Of late, I have only been working Monday to Friday ... a weekend spent working is, for the moment, something other people do ... but over that five day period I have been driving well  in excess of 300 miles.

I know that 300 miles in itself is not that far but, you have to consider that as I drive, the conversations that I engage in (with clients) rarely achieve standards higher than .... 



"Y'all right, George?"

"I'm all right!  How are you?"

"Dunno.  Gonna see my friend tomorrow."

"Which friend?"


Pause for short blast of Meat Loaf, even though Billy Joel is currently entertaining us via CD.



"Y'all right, George?"
And so it goes.

Scintillating stuff, isn't it!

And winter doesn't help either.  Everything is always so dark and dreary!  And what with Christmas just around the corner ... well, it's such a depressing time of year, isn't it?

And if someone else wishes me 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas', then I think I'll go mad ... after I slap 'em around the head a bit first.

Don't mind me ... I'll be fine ... by summer!

Now, 'scuse me while I go and wage war on that bottle of Glenfiddich in the drinks cabinet.


  1. Being winter would turn anybody to drink.

  2. You know how badly I want to shout "Happy Holidays" at you, don't you?


    It's dark and cold here. As a matter of fact, it's 7:32 in the morning, I've been up for almost two hours, and it is still dark as night. While receiving a little over 17 inches of snow over the weekend, we are slated for another 4 to 5 tonight into tomorrow. (Everyone seems to believe that's normal, but it's not, this early in the season, and the City of Minneapolis is struggling with where to put the "!@#$ stuff...)

    Then again, I don't suppose I need to tell you about this -- Wales gets a bit of cold as well, doesn't it?!

    Stay warm. Can't join you in that drink (liquor makes me fall over) but I will take a beer or two, if you're serving...


  3. Windsmoke: An Australian winter would cure me of my drinking.

    Pearl: I knew you would be the one to want to say it! Since your comment, we've had over 30 cm of snow in less that a day.

    As far as that drink goes ... milk in the fridge! Help yourself!!!


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