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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Why Is It Cool To Be Cold?

I can't remember how many times I said "Awwwww! Mum!!!" as a youngster when my mother wrapped me up from head to toes in warm winter woollens, duffel-coat, scarf and gloves against the cold of the winter weather.

Many a day I would sneak out to play in the snow rather than endure the rigmarole of being packed into clothing that would prevent my legs and arms from bending.

And many a thick ear I received for daring to ignore mum's manta of "I know best".

These days though, youngsters go one stage further, opting to put their trust in their indestructible youthfulness rather than in motherly advice.

The modern 'party etiquette' seems to demand that in winter under-dressing is the only acceptable way to enjoy yourself.

(In Northumberland, this is a norm)

I see the young women of Cardiff struggling through snow in high heels, mini skirts and short-sleeved blouses or T-shirts.  Never a pair of Wellington boots. Never a pair of trousers.  And NEVER the dreaded coat!

It just isn't cool!

And cool is what it's all about these days.

Imagine what wearing a coat would do for you reputation or what your friends would say if you turned up to the bar/club with your Wellington's on.

I think they would have to sit at a table all on their own ... if they let you go in at all!

The men are no different, except that they don't wear mini's or high heels.  I have seen obviously mentally challenged men running around wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts claiming, as the goose bumps multiply over their arms and legs, that the cold is something only wimps suffer from.

As I understand it, women are trying to out 'sexy' each other and the man are just trying to prove how 'hard' they are.

Well, I think I will stick to my coat with the quilted lining, woolly hat and wind-stopper gloves!


  1. Yeah I myself try to keep myself bundled up but still look good at the same time. Take for instance wearing a nice sweater with a button up shirt underneath and a tank underneath that. So I am wearing three layers of clothing but still look good while doing so. Wear some jeans and some cute snow boots to match also have to double up the socks and WAH LAH I am cute yet warm at the same time!

    Also that picture scars me!

  2. Same here in Oz..of course it's summer here just now but the coldest summer for many decades. Our ten year drought has been broken with good rains and now the crops are ripe..floods! (where was I?..)Oh yeah, when sensible people are wearing their longs the kids are in Bikinis or low cut tops and high cut shorts....goose bumps galore!

  3. I dress for the weather not because it's fashionable or looks cool.

  4. Adv. Spot: Pleased to hear your are keeping your 'bits' warm.

    Tempo: Been to Oz twice and I reckon your winter is good enough for me. Had a great time there.

    Windsmoke: You seem to be like me. I couldn't give a stuff about fashion and 'cool' is only a state of mind which I once past through on my way to my first mid-life crisis.


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