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Monday, 20 December 2010

Rowdy, Comanche's And The Cartwright's At 7am!

Rowdy Yates and few cow pokes were holed up in a shack with a rag-tag bunch of other folks that were taking cover from a Comanche attack.

Most of the 'folks' didn't seem to have anything to say, so I reckoned that they were the ones that would get killed before the 'talkers' were saved.

I was right!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, unusual for me at this time in the morning (07.00) I am watching TCM.  I would much rather be out there working and earning my daily crust, but my only charge of the morning called to cancel as he was too afraid to go out in the wintry conditions.

Fair enough, I thought, and ceased my frantic efforts to position my wife's car so that I could jump-start mine.

Having been out in the frozen Whitchurch wasteland, I was too cold to be tired, therefore going back to bed seemed like the wrong thing to do.

So, seeing as my one call for this morning was cancelled, what should I fill my morning with?

I contemplated letting the dogs take me for a slide through the snow and ice ... I thought about clearing the drive of all that white stuff ...  I even considered reading a book.

In the end though, I discovered Rowdy Yates and the 'boys' on TCM having a fight with some Comanche's over a few wild horses.  It wasn't great drama by any standards and it was hard to believe that Clint Eastwood made his name from the show, but at least it kept me company as I read through the blogs of my peers.

Bonanza is on now.

Not one of those "Dan-diddle-dan-diddle-dan-diddle-dan-da-dah-dah!" ones with the burning map and the happy Cartwright's cantering their trusty steeds towards the camera at the beginning.  It was one of the early ones.

Oh NO!  Hoss has just been shot in the back!!!

Oh dear!

When I started to type it was my intention to tell you about the time I sneezed a pea out of my nose but, in the light of Hoss Cartwright lying there near dead'n'all ... well, it no longer seems appropriate.

He'll reckon he'll survive ...  they just used a look-a-like in the later "Dan-diddle-dan-diddle-dan-diddle-dan-da-dah-dah!" episodes.

I'm sorry ... but I'm too upset to carry on!


  1. You know that song has lyrics, don't you?

    "I've got a right to pick a little fight, Bonanza!"

    Expecting five inches of snow by rush hour,


  2. It's summer here in OZ and it's been hijacked because there's snow on the mountains go figure that.


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