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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Biggles Flies Again or Hotrod's Pleasure ...

I'm sorry folks, but I really have been very busy lately.  Here is a little something from my deep,dark past (Oct 2010 apparently) which may amuse you.


Today I was privileged to meet a little brown and white Jack Russell terrier called Biggles.

Biggles is a two year old cutie belonging to an elderly couple that I met whilst out and about with a client in the town of Cowbridge.

He was named after James Bigglesworth (a pilot and adventurer, who was the title character and main hero of the Biggles series of youth-oriented adventure books written by W. E. Johns) because of the brown markings that covered his head and eyes and resembled old fashioned flying goggles and helmet.

As I watched Biggles interacting with two other dogs, I noticed that he was very, very keen to 'mount' them ... the dirty boy!

As I approached, the old man said "Watch it! He'll have your leg."

He was right too!  I had barely reached them when Biggles made break for it and tried to hump my leg!  After shrugging off his amorous advances, he turned his attention to a shopping bag, my clients leg, his owners legs and finally, as the excitement grew to be too much for him, to thin air .

Passers by were in fits of laughter as poor old Biggles dry-humped himself to satisfaction.

His embarrassed owners hastily explained that they were taking him to the vet as they were at a loss as to why he always did such a thing, especially as he had long ago lost his 'baubles'.

"My son thinks it's funny when he does it" said the old man.  "He doesn't call him Biggles any more you know".

"What does he call him now then?" I asked.

"Hotrod!" came the reply.

Poor Hotrod had to be carried back to their car!  

He was exhausted! 

Bless him ... the randy little sod!


  1. Poor Biggles, after going to all that trouble only to end up exhuasted and no satisfaction :-).

  2. i'm so glad i've never had a boy dog and girl pooches aren't prone to this.

  3. We , well Pup, is at the end of that sort of Mr Biggles humping almost every day... Poor Pup .. he is neutered and apparently male dogs can't smell the right smell on a neutered dog so they think a good hump will help them find out , is it a he or a she.
    When they try, Pup and his big white teeth tell them He is a He.
    But some want to persue it and there I come in , wading into the humping mass, to pull someones randy doberman/labrador/schnauzer off of my poor dog.
    It is a dog hump dog world..

  4. BLECH! Dogs are gross. My Moby would never do that! LOL!


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