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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Where Did We Meet - A Response

SherilinR wrote an article entitled "Where Did We Meet?".  This is my response to that post (slightly altered from the version that appears in her blog)

We met, as I recall, just as you pushed that big red button that had a "Do Not Press" sign on it.

It was a loud bang, but the light show was fantastic and who would have thought that my arm, as it flew through the air, would have had enough velocity to go through 10 inches of concrete!

Damned lucky for you that you knew where the safety bunker was!
And how you tried to remove that sharp piece of metal from my abdomen was really sweet of you, but it did sort of, you know, smart a bit.

I also remember how kind you were and how, after retrieving my legs, you carried them to the ambulance for me. You taught me how to write left handed and you were instrumental in getting me my new wheelchair.

Gosh! How we laughed that time when you pushed me in my chair down that big hill towards the cliffs then accidentally let go just after you said "Oh no! I think the brake is broken!" ... You remember ... it was on that day my when I was going to write my will and you said "Don't worry about that. I have a will in my pocket that I signed for you earlier."

Those were the days, eh?
Anyway, how are you doing? Are you out of prison yet?


  1. Bwahaha! Great stuff, the final line is hilarious.

  2. i'm not out yet, but i'm up for parole in 2013, so maybe not too much longer. it's been a long 14 years.
    and for the record, sorry bout that.

  3. Hehehehe!

    BTW - loved the obit you wrote for me! But thought I might mention you might want to get that hearing checked.....


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