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Friday, 18 February 2011

Chez Symdaddy Is Open For Business ...

... as long as you like beans on toast, cheese on toast or chicken on toast.

Sorry, but I'm all cooked-out!

My culinary brain is normally firing on all cylinders and my ability to create something out of nothing is legendary in our household.

Tonight it saddens me to say that I will be feeding the mob baying at the kitchen door and demanding sustenance with little more that beans on toast.

"Like it or lump it" I cried through the barricaded door.

They screamed for my blood, as you yourself probably would, and the kitchen door strained under the pressure as they pounded the wood.

They are still hammering now and I fear that my 'presidency' of the kitchen is about to end in violence.

I may be calling on you very soon to ask for asylum.


  1. How about tacos? It's like cooking, but really everyone has to make their own meal. Plus you get to be the hero.

  2. I reckon a good feed of Fish & Chips wouldn't go astray for a change :-).

  3. PFFT! They need to harden up! Beans on toast is nice. :)

  4. I figure that if anyone other than me is doing the cooking then I have no right to complain!

  5. i hate cooking. i'm glad i'm visiting my mom for a few days cuz i might get some decent meals.

  6. Ah I love Cooking! You could totally just grill some chicken and make a huge Chicken Cesar Salad! Love the new look by the way :)


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