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Sunday, 6 February 2011

In Laws

My father-in-law fell and hurt his head!

He was trying to look over the fence at his neighbours erection.  It was going up pretty fast and blocking off the sunlight.  Unfortunately for my father-in-law, fell in his back passage - head first - before he could find out that his neighbours erection was only a temporary thing intended for his neighbours wife's birthday.

Whist my father-in-law was reclining in his hospital bed, we took the opportunity to arrange for some guys to come around with tools to keep my mother-in-law happy.  There were a number of things she wanted doing and those guys were so well equipped they were able to take care of all her wishes.

After they had left though,  my mother-in-laws drawers started to smoulder in the kitchen, so they had to come back and sort her out again!  She was very pleased that day, I can tell you!

As a treat, and seeing as my father-in-law was still in hospital, we took her to watch the regatta on the river Taff.  The local rowing club were racing and my mother-in-law seemed fascinated.

Afterwards she declared that she thought that the red team had the best cox. She seemed to know quite a lot  about rowing as she also stated that 'the smaller the cox, the better the stroke'.

Amazing what she knows!


  1. I have to pay more attention to rowing.

  2. Your father-in-law was trying to look over the fence at his neighbours erection and it was blocking out the sunlight, then he fell and hit his head. This is what happens when you are being a rubber neck, just the same it put a big smile on my face, well done :-).

  3. Haha loved this post.. So how did the neighbor's wife take to the erection? Was she as overwhelmed as your father-in-law?

  4. @ a Broad: Keep you eye on the cox!

    @ Wind: He was being the dutiful husband and doing what his wife ordered him to do.

    @ Adventure Spot: Unfortunately it was only a large marquee so I think she may have been disappointed!


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