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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sym's Visit To The Oncologist

So ...
"Daddy makes a fantastic mattress!"

Sym had the full spectrum of blood tests and a stomach ultrasound scan.

He behaved impeccably and afterwards even managed to lure the receptionists out from behind their desks for a game of catch the bouncy ball.

He had his Vincristine IV today (yesterday) and he has to take two Prednisolone tablets daily (from today).  He will need weekly blood tests at the local vets (prior to IV meds) for the next two weeks then have to return to Vale Referrals on Monday of the 4th week. 

And so it will it will continue (with a gradual decrease of meds) for 25 weeks. 

We have to wait and watch now to see how well he get's on with his medication.

So far he seems quite a happy pup ... but that could just be because he's back home


  1. Poor Sym :( I hope he feels better soon.

    That is a wonderful picture.

  2. Hope it goes well. (hugs) for Sym

  3. Here's hoping for the best.

  4. The picture depicts a nightly occurrence.

    He has been doing this since he was 12 weeks old and shows no sign of letting up.

    He weighs 26 kilos!


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