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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Genius at work!

At any one time during the day a thousand and one brilliant ideas could be whizzing through my mind.

I've have had some fantastic ideas over the years that would earn a fortune if I could only plan them properly.
There was my idea for a "décor" item (can't tell you exactly what it is) that would allow power cables to be routed on the outside of the walls in your living room, bedroom, etc., which would mean you wouldn't need an electrician to do anything other than sort out where your power supply enters the property and install two power-points.  With my "décor" item, you would have practically unlimited "sockets" in any room.  There would be no further need for all that feeding of cables through plastic pipes in the wall and no more plastering after repair work.  If I was an electrician and knew all there was to know about the safety aspects relating to my idea, it would already be on the market.

Another idea was my nuclear-, gas-, oil- and water-free power generator that would run indefinitely requiring only an occasional oiling.  The one drawback with this idea would be the size it would have to be in order to run a dynamo.

Of course, with a thousand and one things jostling for position in my head and me not being the most gifted mental juggler, it is difficult to sort, categorise and file these ideas away for later use. Sometimes I'm left with a real lemon of an idea such as the "manual" jacuzzi (which didn't require the user to eat beans beforehand).
After mentally designing the product - the levers,  pedals and pumps, etc.. - I suddenly realised that manually powering a jacuzzi  would be defeating the object of going into the jacuzzi in the first place and would probably be only marginally more relaxing than a 10 mile run.

Those are just a few of the ideas - there have been many which have long since been forgotten - that have occupied the space between my ears at one time or another.

One question always pops into my mind when I have a new brainwave ... What if......................?


  1. I'm actually quite a genius myself. This is why we get along. :-)


  2. You should try my sweet & sour BBQ chicken curry pizza!

    It may change your view on what is considered 'genius' and what isn't.


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