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Sunday, 29 August 2010

How Would You Feel?

How would you feel to be locked in a cage?
  Would you feel angry? Would you feel rage?
How would you feel to be tied to a post?
  Abandoned by those you thought loved you most.
What would it be like to be kicked by the feet
  Of people who won't give you enough food to eat?
Would you like it if you were dumped in the pound,
  Or left wandering the streets with no chance of being found.
So tell me now, what would you do?
   If any of this had happened to you?
To thousands of pets it happens each week,
   And for many their future is horribly bleak.
There is so much work that we need to do,
   And to help us with this we desperately need you.
Your donation could help change many a dog's fate,
   And help a dog find a home before it's too late.



  1. Three of my four pets are rescues (two from a shelter, one was left behind after her owners moved).

    They are the best.

  2. You can get the most loyal pets from animal shelters. Well done to you for giving them a home.


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