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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The treacle mines of my mind

The space between my ears, as I may have previously mentioned, is a vast, empty resort dedicated to the creation of bright ideas and moderately humorous anecdotes.

Within that space, are the little cells and sparky-thinks that make ideas go 'ping' and 'pop' before giving them a push towards the keyboard, where dainty yet stubby little fingers dance over the keys to put them into words.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.  At this moment I am fairly confident that the 'little cells' and 'sparky-things' are doing their level best to avoid each other.  On a good day, I can sit in front of my laptop and let rip with dribble after dribble which, on the whole, produces something (nearly) worthwhile reading.  Today though, it feels as if I'm mentally manoeuvring my way through treacle.

It's ok really, because I don't have anything of interest to report.

I am feeling a lot better after my 'near death' experience on Monday and would like to thank Pearl and all those who momentarily sympathised for their concern.

The following was posted on "TOP" forum some time ago, but I thought it deserves an second airing and it would help fill my post for today.  Enjoy!

Whilst typing my little journal entries I endeavour, having taken on board recommendations of a colleague, to maintain a simplistic form of sentencing, thus avoiding overly long statements riddled with intricate and complex mind melting dribble which mere mortals would struggle to comprehend.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism* is also something I will avoid and, where possible, diminutive alternatives to some words will be employed.

Also, when generalizing, I will refrain from further generalisation of a generalized thread as, generally speaking, things generally get complicated.

Furthermore, I promise to proof read all my articles so as not to omit or leave any sentence unfini

And if I have been guilty of the occasional use of one word sentences, then I promise these will also disappear.  



 *  tis a real word children

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