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Saturday, 7 August 2010

General Moan and Corporal Depressed

This is turning out to be a pretty dreary Saturday!  There is a constant drizzle outside and the air somehow seems  thick with a pipe-smoke smell to it.

I know I have to go out and do things (repair the fence, weeding, shopping, etc.) but I hate it when the weather is like this. It never seems to take long, whatever you are wearing, for the persistent dampness and drips to reach the skin and become uncomfortable.

At times like this I could do with a wad of cash to fling at the first person who would undertake these (and other) tasks for me.  Alas, I have no such wad.  I have only the severely scorched ... nay, charred ... remains of my credit card after engaging in another round of "fix my bleedin' car" battle at the local workshop.

Just when things ... and by "things" I mean my financial status and anything relating to "money" staying in my pocket ... are looking up, my car goes and does the dirty on me.  This time there was a major oil leek under the gearbox and fuel in the catalytic converter (again).

If there are (by chance) any rich folks reading this, you would probably shrug this problem away and head off to your local dealership to buy a new car.  For me however, that is not an option and I have to battle on to try and save my "precious" from the waiting grasp of the scrapyard man.

I am really soooooo depressed that I cannot continue this bleeding heart article ... I wasn't depressed before I started, but I have "typed" myself into it ... so if you will forgive me, I will stop now and just pop my head into the oven for a lifetime or two.

Bum!  We have an electric oven!  Suicide by roasting is too slow.

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