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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pictures, and lack thereof

I don't post many pictures on my blog, unlike many other bloggers.

I just can't be bothered with the hassle of getting the picture off my phone/camera via Blue-tooth/cable.  It's a bit of a bore really.

In my younger days I had technophilic tendencies and would buy all the latest gadgets for my PC.

Nowadays,  I'm content with my old pentium 4 PC and a long-in-the-tooth dell laptop and I have no need for further gadgetry. I have a laser printer and colour dell printer, a pen-pad and pen and a Hi-Fi all hooked up to my faithful old "Bjudah"* and I am, in my dotage, content.

Pictures are still important though and, as and when required, I still do up-, or down- (as the case may be) load a few.  I have kept a faithful record of all the dogs that we fostered for "TOP" and that is about it really.

Anyway, I have decided to rectify that by including a couple of snaps of my own artwork.

Apologies for the poor quality.

Dead rose (ink 1991)
Soldiers (Pastel 1991 from a  postcard)
Ruin (Ink 1992)

Tree (1991 wood block painting)
Cowboy (Pastel 
from a Thelwell cartoon) 

They all date from around 1991-93.

I don't do as much drawing and painting as I used to do.  Maybe one day I will have the time to sit myself down and reacquaint myself with my pencils and brushes.

Hope you like them.

* Bjudah = come Bjudah


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