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Friday, 13 August 2010

Bright idea No. 1

Many an idea seeks refuge
   in the space between my ears,
But they don't all get an airing,
   or get shared amongst my peers.
Some of them are good,
   but lack that vital spark.
Others are quite scary,
   not to be told after dark.
But some have a little merit,
   that'll one day may make me rich.
And the thought of all that money,
   really makes me itch.
But how'd you go about,
   selling an idea?
Without being shunned or kicked,
   or getting a thick ear!
I wish I knew the answer,
   I really, really do!
Then I'd make chicken curry flavoured custard,
   and sell it to you and you and you!



  1. Did you write this? I like it. As for ideas well just keep pushing, no matter how hard you get knocked down. Improve the idea once you see something wrong and keep going. That's all you can do, maybe even raise some funding to start your own business if possible.

  2. Most of my posts are poems of one sort or another.

    This just one of the many...



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