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Friday, 20 August 2010


As I lay my head onto the ground,
My eyes close for the final time.
My mind fills with memories,
and visions of my life in mime.

Losing the weight from my heart,
silenced, the pounding in my ears.
The easing of all my problems,
and evaporation of all my fears.

I feel the warmth of the light above me,
and my spirit begins to soar.
My body has paid the price,
for fighting in this war.

To all those I leave behind,
I give to you my love.
And hope you will remember,
I'll be watching you from above.

This was 'inspired' if you will by an old magazine article (reporting the 2nd Gulf War) in which a journalist recorded the events surrounding the wounding of a young American soldier.  The soldier was shot in the chest and shoulder and thought he was about to die.  It was reported that he said a prayer and asked colleagues to tell his family he loved them.

There was no mention of the soldiers name or unit, but due to the immediate treatment he received and subsequent evacuation, he survived.


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