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Friday, 18 May 2012

10 Things ...

... that piss me off:

1. Actors (film folk) having all those award ceremonies, and patting themselves on the back all the time!

2. Musicians (music folks) having all those award ceremonies, and patting themselves on the back all the time!

3. Car manufacturers claiming that THEIR model is the CAR OF THE YEAR 2012 as long ago as March!

4. Supermarkets that claim their store was voted SHOP OF THE YEAR, but you never find out by whom!

5. People who are NEVER prepared to listen to, or accept, an alternative opinion!

6. TV shows and Films that get described as CULT in order to justify the screening of utter crap!

7. Sex and violence on TV .... it's never on when I'm watching!!!

8. Inconsiderate drivers!

9. Inconsiderate dog owners!

10. The World in general ... at the moment!

There are many, many more but I only have ten fingers (my shoe laces have been tied too tight, so I can't use my toes  until mummy comes home).


  1. Stop sugar coating things and tell us what you really think..

  2. I know what you mean ... the world and life in general sucks sometimes, especially with a pup that is not well.
    Sending you big hugs and lots of kisses to Sym.

    1. Stop kissing my dog! He's getting soggy!!!

  3. Will mummy change your nappy and powder ya bottom at the same time because you've definitely pooped in it big time :-).

    1. All changed! These Huggies ain't bad.

  4. You may borrow my toes and keep on "listing" Being as Sym is all soggy give him a big hug from Alabama!

    1. Duly hugged! Now I'm soggy too!

  5. Better soggy than saggy I always say... :)

    1. Saggy? Hmmmmm! Tell that to my stomach!


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