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Friday, 11 May 2012

Secret Monologues!

I suppose, now that I sit down to share another of my secrets with you, that everyone does it.

And it's not the same as talking to yourself, is it?

Maybe you have found yourself doing it too!

I refer, of course, to the silent monologues that we carry out in the privacy of our own heads whilst conversing with another.

I seem to do it all the time and it's becoming a constant worry to my sanity, which is always on watch for any signs of diminished capacity .... well, at least of any increased signs.

"Don't say that out loud" says my sanity. "Shhhh"!

No, the silent monologues are a worry to me.

But, so far, I haven't allowed them to become actual conversations with myself, have I?


I don't openly discuss anything with anyone but those that stand before me, do I?

Of course you don't!


The monologues go something like this;

Me:      "Hello! How are you today?"
            Look at that zit on his nose! That thing's gonna go pop any second. 
Them:   "Hi, I'm fine! How are you?"
Me:      "I'm cool"
            or at least I would be if that zit wasn't so close. 
            I don't wanna get covered in puss when it blows!
Them:   "Well, I hope you a nice day".  
Me:      No you don't! "Yeah, you too!" like I really care.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't the best example, but that is, more or less, how they go.


Perhaps I shouldn't have told you.

Don't you look at me like that!

Like what?

Stop it!

Me? What'd I do?

Boys! Don't argue!


  1. At least you still have someone in there to hit the censor button. I think my sanity is failing me. No one inside my head is telling me "Shhhh!!" until well after the damage is done.

    1. Sometimes a 'Shhhhh!' isn't always load enough!

  2. Replies
    1. Good motto! But will you still remember it tomorrow?

  3. My head is similarly impaired...


    1. But impaired in a orderly fashion!

  4. Not problem talking to yourself and equally not a problem to answer yourself, however, start worrying when you don't understand any part of the conversation lol!

    1. I have misunderstood my self sooooooo many times!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I reckon we do. As long as the 'sentry' does it's job then we're ok!

  6. Haha! But why are those imaginary conversations often more interesting than actual conversations?!?!

    1. It's all in the ad-libbing ... when we say something to ourselves that we weren't expecting!

  7. My silent dialogues are truly dire.

  8. Good thing yours are silentand in your head; except when they become a part of a post. For years my siblings and I have tortured our mother, because she is always talking to herself. Now I find that I am talking to myself. YIKES!

    1. Hereditary monologues? That's scary!


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