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Friday, 25 May 2012


Sunshine brings out the more than a few ladies (gentlemen too) of questionable fashion and style, don't you agree?

We all know that bright, warm weather will entice people to wear ever smaller amounts of material in an attempt to stay, or look, cool and to gain, through the moderate toasting of the skin, a glamorous or sexy appearance.

But in doing so, all sense of style seems to be casually cast aside leaving the wearer to become what I can only describe as Casualties of Wear!

We've all seen those women with the boob-tubes that are too small and tight and show the straps of bras that are sturdy enough to support the Golden Gate Bridge and a roll (or indeed several rolls) of spare anatomy that was quite possibly the result of an over indulgence of hamburger, pizza and beer, hanging over the stretchiest waistband you have ever seen.
Then we have the middle aged, bulbous men that clad themselves in those long shorts and muscle shirts in an attempt to cling to the last vestiges of youth as it slips through their grubby, often nicotine stained fingers.

Today was one of those days! A sunny day! Twenty-six degrees! It was awful out there!

I was dressed, in case you are interested, in light cotton trousers ... very cool around the 'doo-dahs', if you know what I mean ... and a polo shirt.  It was hot, but I stayed cool ... in more ways than one.

If the sun is shining where you are, I do hope that YOU too made the effort to look decent.

I had to get that off my chest ... but in doing so, I've forgotten what I was going to say.



  1. Ah, we get that here too. It's as if they don't own a mirror. Or have an honest friend to tell them that a different outfit might be more flattering.

    1. Honest friends? Now there's a subject to blog about!

  2. It's been 90 for past week, and more to come..I wear the same thing winter or summer..tshirt shorts in summer, tshirts jeans in winter..all baggy..my skin tight clothes wearing days are of the past..hell my own skin isn't tight on me.

    1. I like baggy! Shorts in particular ... they allow the bells and rope to sway.

      Now slack skin, well ... that's a problem we all face.

  3. Got a case of short term memory loss have we?. The last vestiges of youth passed me by about 30 years ago and i'm not going out looking for it either :-).

    1. That short term thi... er, s'pose so. Dunno what youth is anymore.


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