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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I leapt into my cool 'lets get down to blogging' slippers, flung myself onto the sofa ... narrowly avoiding a rather bemused pussy cat ... and flipped open the lid of my laptop, or Lappy, as I like to call her.

She obligingly Window-chimed into life and I directed my mouse cursor towards the Chrome icon and clicked.

Chrome opened.

I clicked open, or at least I attempted to click open, my blog!

'Wey  man, lass!' I said in my best Geordie accent. 'Wots aal this hinney?'

I was confronted with a window that declared in rather large letters that my Sky internet connection was unavailable ... AGAIN!

I was advised to try again in a few minutes.

That was at 8pm!

It'snow 11.30pm!

Could it be that Sky operates in a different reality that ticks along at a rather slower pace than mine?

Nope!  I think they are just pissing me about!

I am seriously going to have to find another provider, as Sky is really getting to be a pain!

Anyhow,  it's bed time for  this old man, so please don't go away!

I WILL sort this out!


  1. tell em you're not paying if they don't provide you with the service..!

    Blogging slippers? cute!

    1. I've also got lucky blogging pants (for warmer days)

  2. So many people seem to be having internet problems these days. Worrisome.

    1. Sky say the problems in this area have been sorted out!


  3. I had a few problems with my internet connection a couple of years back, i complained and was told it was my computers fault, after having it check out it was found to be ok so when my contract was up i went else where and i haven't been disconnected since :-).

    1. I was told something similar; "You're doing something wrong" they said.

      I've been using PC's since 1986 (Window's 3.0 days) so I felt a little bit peeved at that!

  4. It sounds like Australia's TELSTRA. They over subscribe their service so much that it slows or stops completely during busy periods 3pm to about 9pm. It seems standard procedure to tell you it's a PC fault causing the problems.

    1. So far I've put the whole fiasco down to Rupert Murdoch's Revenge!

    2. We Aussies disowned him quite some time ago...he's American now..

    3. Very smart, but you have to feel sorry for the yanks!


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