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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blogs: The Search Continues

I look at the blogs of other people all the time.

I really do!

I look for 'fun' blogs that have a spark of originality, style and, above all, are entertaining.

I have found, and now follow, a number of blogger's that are, to my mind, pretty damned good at spinning a tale and extracting laugh's out of documenting some pretty mundane activities such as going for the bus, watching TV and going to the toilet.

But it saddens me (it doesn't really surprise me though) that most of the other blogs I read (and don't return to) seem to be mostly humourless and full of plug's for the blogs of their friends ... or full of ads.

I vary rarely 'plug' anyone's blog.  On the rare occasions that I have, it's because that person has turned out some remarkably good work on an almost daily basis and I think that they are funny.

Definitions of what is, or isn't, humorous will vary, but on the whole I think the blogs I follow are funny.

Some blogs are just too 'highbrow' for words and the reader (those who don't pretend to be mega-intelligent) is left high and dry wondering what the point of the article was. Other's seem to be part of pat-yourself-on-the-back cliques that do little more than constantly congratulate themselves for a blog well done.

I know there are still many, many blogs out there that deserve my attention, but at the moment, I'm happy following the few that I do.

I will keep looking though.

(In the great scheme of  the Blog-i-verse, my blog is relatively insignificant and easily overlooked.  My views and opinions are unlikely to be shared by very many people. None of that really matters to me though, because at the end of the day, it's just for me to let off steam ... which is what I have done here after reading reviews for a so-called very funny blog that turned out to be anything but.)

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