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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Traffic woes

Sometimes I get fed up ... really fed up!

I spend most of my working day driving to, from or with, clients.
And there is nothing more frustrating than the agonisingly slow traffic in, and around, the city of Cardiff.

I suffer the coffee-drinkers, painters and tweekers, texters, oldies and sleepers on the roads every morning and it's just too much.

The coffee-drinkers are engrossed in there efforts to prevent the spilling of their Starbuck's skinny latte's;
painters and tweekers attempt to put the final touches to their make-up or hair;
texters are concentrating totally, and exclusively, on the latest gossip being sent to them by their friends;
the oldies seem to think driving at 15  MPH in a 30 zone is acceptable ALL the time;
the sleepers just seem to slip into their own private worlds and forget to drive!

I have nothing against any of the above per se, but it is soooooooooooooo damned frustrating to have them on MY road when I'm working!


It needed saying and, yet again, I feel better for it!


My coffee has gone'n got cold while I was moaning.


  1. OH I soo Agree! Trust me it is not just in your town it happens here in Quakertown Pennsylvania! Only there are tons of tractor trailers out there trying to squish all us little guys off the road. Oh I hate the texters, I wish I could go up to them and knock on their windows to then take their phones and throw them some where. Seriously it's against the law here to text and drive. Some people still do it anyways. Everyday I am perpetually late to get any where because of all the lights, slow pokes and oldies. Not to mention the stay at home mom's who just are out on the road to go shopping or get their hair done. Seriously I wonder if anyone really works these days! There are like a billion people all out on the road all the time. You would think to at 4 in the morning all you would have to worry about are the tractor trailers but nope, there is traffic! Not saying I work at 4 in the morning but many a times I have left my father's house late to come home so I wouldn't have to deal with traffic. Little did I know }:/ that's my angry face in case you were wondering. Anyways I feel much better now that I have vented as well. Hope your coffee was delicious :)

  2. Funnily enough, I like cold coffee. Tastes somehow coffee-er, if you get my drift.


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